Our Humble Beginnings 


Survive To Thrive started out as an idea given to us in part by someone who would eventually be our very first customer.  Our instructors and support personnel have all been to several different types of survival, self-defense and self-reliance training and educational programs.  However, in all those classes there was something missing, and ways to make it better.  So we got together, two couples working not only together as independent couples but also together as a team to design and create what we feel is a very unique survival training experience.

Our Workshops

We have designed our entire program, which contains several different levels of training, from beginners courses to extremely advanced courses on topics from general survival to more in-depth, focused training on specific skills around one common theme, a relaxed interactive environment.

All of our workshops are taught in a relaxed environment, no long hikes into the deep dark woods that wear you out before you start to learn.

All of our workshops are taught without the use of Reality TV participants or celebrity survival instructors.  We keep our costs down and pass that savings on to you.

All of our workshops are taught without the use of competitions or challenges. We strongly feel survival is not a game or a competition.  Who cares how long it takes to start a fire, as long as the fire gets made and can last.

All of our workshops are taught, period.  Meaning once we schedule a workshop we are committed to never cancel that workshop for any reason.

Basic Urban and Wilderness Survival

This course is the basis of everything else we teach.  Everyone, even those who have attended other survival schools should attend this course.  You will learn both urban and wilderness based skills.  You will be taught and shown how to build fire at least five different ways, even ways you have never even dreamed of.  You will learn several different and unique ways to find and purify water, an extremely unique way of learning how to build and find shelter, taught how to acquire food and exposed to some food options you may have never considered before, and how to use solar and wind power to keep your electricity working during a power failure.  Any good course would not be complete without offering an emergency first aid course, navigation and a alternative energy sources workshop.  Remember, why just Survive when you can learn to Thrive. 

Primitive Bow Making Course

Come spend the day making your very own horse bow.  Each participant will make their own Mead Long Bows, horse bow from it's basic components.  You will not only spend your day constructing your own bow, but then you will be given one on one instruction on how to shoot it and plenty of practice time.  This course has a very strict maximum number of participants keeping the student/instructor ratio very low. Remember, why just Survive when you can learn to Thrive. 

Sustainable & Practical Soap Making

All participants will be shown how to make their own soap using the cold process and reforming process as well as making detergent.  Each participants will leave the workshop with samples of all three types and will have had an opportunity to assist in the making of these soaps.  Remember, why just Survive when you can learn to Thrive.

Protein Procurement

Learn how to make and set primitive traps to “procure” that next meal if you are in a primitive survival situation.  Some of the traps that you will make will be the Figure 4, Paiute Dead Fall, fish traps, snares and the Ojibwa Bird Snare.  You will also learn how to use modem traps and trapping methods as well.   You will also have an opportunity to shoot a primitive designed Horse Bow and to practice your skills with an Atlatl.  This full day course will also have you field dressing an animal, learning how to butcher them properly and respectfully.  Remember, why just Survive when you can learn to Thrive.

CPR/First Aid Training

Being trained in CPR and first aid can be invaluable when someone is in serious medical distress.  Anyone can learn CPR and become trained in first aid. Knowing what to do in an emergency medical situation can mean the difference between life and death.  You will be certified in adult CPR with the use of an AED. The second part of the workshop you will learn basic first aid skills with a focus on wilderness and urban survival scenarios.  Remember, why just Survive when you can learn To Thrive


Who Should Come


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